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Updated: Dec 12, 2020


Early morning near my hotel in Paharganj, Delhi. Tuk-Tuk driver waiting for customers, people going to work, children going to school, street kitchens prepare their food.

Hotel worker take out pillows before rush hours. Paharganj, New Delhi

Tuk Tuk driver taking nap on his vehicle. Or was he sleeping on it whole night...? Paharganj, New Delhi

Street kitchens are preparing for the day. Paharganj, New Delhi

Early morning workers has started their work. Paharganj, New Delhi

Paharganj, New Delhi at 7.30 am

Paharganj, New Delhi at 8.00 am

Children are going to school. Paharganj, New Delhi

Washing clothes

Just front of my hotel there was man washing his clothes. When I looked little closer, there was his wife doing the same inside the house. Paharganj, New Delhi

Heavy load. People are used to carry heavy loads in India. New Delhi

Fruit seller. New Delhi

Horse shoer, New Delhi

Workers, New Delhi

Spice seller. Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Holi festival is coming. In Sadar Bazar all the stuff, particularly color powders, are available

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi.

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Rikshaw Driver, Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi

Street kitchen, Old Delhi

Rikshaw driver, New Delhi

Drivers do long working day from early morning to late night. Sometimes is good to take a nap. Old Delhi

Is this right place for cows?. Old Delhi

Truck driver take a nap. Old Delhi

Bull Drivers cause traffic jam. Old Delhi

New Delhi

Chef of some street kitchen washing saucepan on the street. Old Delhi

Delhi Spice Market. Here leaves spices all around India. Customers are restaurants and retail shops

Carriers carry heavy sacs, weight even 100 kg, 8-10 hours a day

All the stuff must be carried to third floor. There´s no elevator. Spice market, Old Delhi

Carriers sleeping outside Spice Market. Old Delhi

​Another day. Conought Place, New Delhi. Those people who try to get on with selling stuff like balloons and roses on the streets, have no money for the products of those brands sold there.

Conought Place, New Delhi. Temperature 35 degrees. Little boy got little water from his mother to flush his face. Living on the streets in hot season is very hard.

Snake charmer. New Delhi

Because portraits is my biggest interest, I can´t avoid to take them, where ever I am. This girl was in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Man and his son. Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Girl and her little brother. Masjid-i Jahān-Numā, Old Delhi

There´s a lot of interesting places to visit in Delhi. One of them is Masjid-i Jahān-Numā with its fine architecture

Masjid-i Jahān-Numā, Old Delhi

Interesting details of Masjid-i Jahān-Numā

Lodhi Garden is good place to visit too. As a public park it is important recreation place and gathers a lot of people

Under the bulb of Mohammed Shah's tomb. Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Mohammed Shah's tomb, Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Mohammed Shah's tomb, Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

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