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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Now when sitting in living room, and listenning today´s news about corona virus on radio, and reading Helsingin Sanomat, it feels good to recall the days when there wasn´t serious risk in travelling, as it is now. In 2013 I was in Rome, the treasure chest for photographers. Remains of thousands of years can be seen and the city is full on details to shoot, with thousands of stories to tell.

I know there´s thousands of photos like this, or at least from Colosseum, why not to take one more.

I wasn´t the only one, who wanted to see Vatican that day. I was lucky one I went there early in the morning to have guided tour I was bought before my trip, so I didn´t have to waste time in queues.

Vatican is really huge. I got my one of my 64 Gb memory card filled with all these things there.

What was the story of this painting? Cannot remember. There was so much things to see and stories to listen to...

Upside down? Not catually. You can easily have pain in your neck in Vatican

There´s explanation of this painting, but sorry, I missed all my latin lessons

Attending in guided tours is good way to explore places like Vatican. You can get much more from the visit by listening the quid, and with this you really understand better what you see.

Temple of Venus, Forum Romanum

Remains near Stadio Palatino, Rome

Basilica de Maxentius

Pantheon, or all I got in to same photo of it

Pantheon was full of people as I visit it. Temprerature +30 at least, but you haven´t been in Rome if you skipped Pantheon...

One day was rainy. I still left from my hotel to watch the city, though it´s a bit complicated to keep both umbrella and SLR when you want to take photos. However, rain stopped for a while, and there was nice rainbow on the sky. Statue of Trajan and The Church of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

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