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Updated: Dec 26, 2023


On the streets of Kathmandu I could see things I didn´t even could imagine. Not all the things I could see there was the fair to take photo of, like people suffering from diseases. I also tried to avoid going to tourist places, visiting highlighs is not that why I should travel thousands of kilometers away, to take photos thousands of people has taken before me. However, sometimes I have failed and found myself in busy city squares and streets, seeking something unique.

One day, quite early morning I was going away from Thamel, and soon I saw narrow street on the right and end of the street I could see something like temple. That is not unique in countries like Nepal, but sometimes in those places can do what I like to do most. Street portrait photography.

Children at the front of the Kathe Swoyambhu stupa

I was told that these boys wasn´t brothers. The older boy was just taking care of that younger one sometimes. They all were children from poor families, some of them has lost one of their parents, or both of them. The scratch on the face of little boy was caused by fall down.

When I was hanging around that square, one woman came to me and after asking those trivial questions like "Where are you from...." she started to tell about herself. She lost everything in earthquake 2015. Her house and some members of her family. Finally she decided to left to search some better life and after travelling many places ended up to Kathmandu. Now she try to survive by keeping some art school. I guessed what was coming, and soon she asked me to come to one shop very near, where all kind of mandalas and other artworks was for sale. I bought small one, but without being tempted to do so. I found there beautiful picture and wanted it. She also told me about the children and people living in that area. Finally I got her as my private guide to few another places in Kathmandu. So, why to complain.

Street life

Pollution is so hard in Kathmandu that most of people prefer to use mask on their face

Details of the Harati temple, Kathmandu

Sadhu on the street. They came to you, put some tilak on your forehead, then ask some donation.

People are used to carry heavy loads. Almost everything can be transferred by bicycle, or even in back pack.

Thamel, Kathmandu

One night I was coming to my hotel. Near Thamel I saw men carrying bricks to house.

Boy removing lice on her mother´s hair. They are common in Nepal and India.

Barber on the street.

One day I was near the big Pashupatinath temple area and saw many sadhus there.

Typical street view in Kathmandu. Poor people living on the streets

Devotee. Pashupatinath

My time in Kathmandu was going and not any assignments was coming. So I decided to go around and out of city on my own. I made deal with this woman that she could take me to Sundarijal to see beautiful waterfall. On the way there she told me that because it was dry season maybe it wasn´t the best time to visit waterfall. Finally I decided not to go there. I too few photos of holy men preparing for big upcoming event Shivaratri.

Because I wanted to save money and get experience of going by local bus, we decided to go by bus part of the way to Sundarijal. Rest of the way we walked. It was quite long way there. We went through the place, where homeless people lives.

Homeless woman


Devotees taking water from holy river

Portrait of one of the devotees


One day I visited in Bhaktapur, about 20 km from Kathmandu

Dressmaker, Bhaktapur



Old woman, Bhaktapur

Potmaker, Bhaktapur

Woman finishing pots



Old and young. Bhaktapur

Men playing some game. Bhaktapur

At the gate of Bhaktapur


One of the interesting temples in Kathmandu is Pashupatinath. I was visiting there just day before Shivaratri. Next day there would be 80 000 people. Too much for me.

Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu

The day I visited in Pashupatinath, there was going funeral ceremony of some important persons.

After ceremony bodies are burned on the river bank. There´s a different places for burning bodies according to cast or social status. Ceremony and burning for ordinary people are more simple and without decoration.

Burning dead bodies on the holy river. I was told that they can burn 70 bodies in a day

There´s staff who takes care of burning

There´s lot of sadhus, holy men. I was told that giving donations them brings me good things. I decided to keep my money, if possible. On the other hand, giving some little money sometimes makes better chances to have good photos.


Sadhu gives blessing to visitor.

Many holy men smoke marijuana. It helps in meditation. Pashupatinath

Sadhu gives good advices and blessings.

House of the novices. It was allowed to take photos of them, rather than sadhus, spiritual masters. Sometimes these novices ask to come in and eat with them. If I was stayed little longer, maybe I was asked to come in. Maybe it would have cost some hundreds rupees from me.

Sadhus lives very simple life, alone and meditating

Sadhu at the front of his cave


My stayting in Nepal was coming to end soon. I needed to go out of Kathmandu. One day I travelled to Pokhara by bus. After checking in hotel there, I went down to lake side. There was boat trips available.

Phewa lake. Pokhara

Boat cruising was quite nice with very beautiful landscape on the Phewa lake.

Next morning I was totally surprised. I woke up when someone knocked my window at 6.00 am. I saw hotel owner there, and went to open the door. What´s wrong? He said. "Wake up to see mountains." Yes, it was really good time to wake up. What I would have missed if I had been sleeping too long. The mountains can be seen in good weather, early morning. Really, later in day I couldn´t see them anymore.

Mount Machhapuchhare, 6,993m


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