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Updated: Jul 28, 2021


Though I didn´t have any assignments in Kathmandu, I visited many nice places there, like Monkey Temple and Boudhanath. Those visits was part of my Language and Culture course guided by my teacher Pratima

Pratima, teacher of Language and Culture course in Monkey temple, Kathmandu.

Monks in Monkey temple


Woman polishing cups for candles used in worship rituals. Boudhanath, Kathmandu

Florwers for use in worship rituals

Preyer, Boudhanath. People have to use mask on their face for the dust in Kathmandu

One day there was event in National Academic House in Kathmandu, quite near Thamel, so it would be easy for me to come there.

I decided not to take taxi. In city like Kathmandu every hundred meter walk is not same than in my home country, so If I planned there was only 10-15 minutes walk to destination, it was finally from 20 -30 minutes really. I was told that rally was for some local language and culture of Nepal.

Anyway, I went to place and took photos. Too bright sunny day, not good at all for taking pictures.

In the program of rally was music and dance, and speeches

Participants of the rally

Event was over at 12 about, and nothing to do for the rest of the day. I was walking back to hotel, and maybe go to eat something while thinking how to use rest of the day. On the way to hotel there was one buddhist temple and quite lot of people there holding a dress code. I decided to pop in to see what was happening there.

I was told it was wedding going on there. I didn´t get photos of couple, because I was told that they were inside temple and I couldn´t go there now until they come out. I stayed for a while to see what was coming. I was also told that this young boy was pujari. He received money and some

stuff as donation from participants. I decided to go on my way and left.

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